Fun Facts

  •  American Blanching is a vertically integrated manufacturer offering custom blanching, cleaning, sorting, roasting and granulating along with peanut butter both for industrial and retail customers.


  • At American Blanching - quality and food safety is the foundation for everything we do. We are proud to have been one of the first peanut manufacturers to obtain GFSI certification. We are also Kosher certified and a Gluten-Free facility.


  • We utilize more than 80 professionally prepared training modules to make certain our employees are up to date and following the latest practices regarding food safety. 


  • As part of our on-going commitment to provide the highest quality at the lowest possible price, we are continually updating our manufacturing processes with the latest technology. We have some of the most modern sorting, inspecting and roasting equipment found in the industry.


  • We are proud of our food safety record and in compliance with our Global Food Safety Initiative, all ready to eat products are subjected to rigorous microbiological testing by a certified third-party laboratory before being shipped from our facilities.


  • American Blanching is one of the leading exporters of retail peanut butter. We are experts at meeting the unique requirements required for supplying to all parts of Europe, the Middle East, Eastern Asia, South American and the Caribbean. 


  • ABC has R&D specialists that have experience working with unique formulas such as those containing Omega 3 ingredients, various flavors and other enhancers.


  • Each year, ABC produces enough peanut butter that if placed in 18oz jars side-by-side they would stretch from our plant in Fitzgerald, Georgia to Seattle, Washington.

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